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by Honeystreet



What is Campfire?

6 hour brand strategy workshop

Campfire is designed to bring clarity to your messaging and lay the foundation for crafting brand strategy that moves your organization forward.

In our two, 3-hour conversations we’ll guide you through exercises that reveal helpful insights to bring focus to your brand messaging, clarity to your communications, and a sense of direction to unite your team towards a common vision.

Who is Campfire for?

Non-profits and Fortune 500 companies alike

  • Organization leaders looking for a clear foundation to craft marketing and communications efforts—or might just need a brand reset to get everyone on the same page.

  • Entrepreneurs and marketing directors looking for a more clear understanding of their brand and a roadmap for communicating it to others. 
  • Goal-oriented decision makers.

What do I get?

Clarity • Direction • Strategy

Together, we’ll craft a succinct brand promise and strategy to help grow your brand.

We’ll identify brand touch-points and develop engaging call to actions for your audience.

You’ll be equipped with clear direction and resources to equip your team.

About two weeks after Campfire, you’ll receive: 

+ Brand Sheet

Your go-to ‘at a glance’ resource that equips your entire team to bring clarity and consistency into everything you do. This includes:

  • Campfire Insights: Summary of insights shared and gained.
  • Messaging Guidelines: Includes your brand promise, brand values and language for articulating your message.

+ Proposed Brand Strategies

Through the perspective gained in Campfire we’ll provide you with recommended next-step strategies to implement over the course of this year. 

The foundational recommendations are what you’ll need to address first as they are instrumental in creating consistent marketing and communications moving forward. 

We  also include dynamic initiative recommendations as next-steps to strategically grow your brand once your foundation is in place. 



To make the best use of our time together, we have you send any current marketing materials you have to give us a glimpse into where you’re starting from. There are no questions to answer in advance, just show up ready to jump in!



Two, 4-hour conversations over two consecutive days.



We put the finish touches on your messaging, compile insights and craft next-step strategies for you to move your brand forward.



We’ll hop on a video call to present your brand sheet and proposed brand strategies. For organizations looking to partner with Honeystreet’s Design Studio, this presentation includes financials for next steps.

Ready to get started?

Your vision of where or who you want to be is the greatest asset you have. Without having a goal it’s difficult to score.

Paul Arden


Why Campfire?

Over the years many organizations have approached our studio asking for individual marketing pieces. Maybe they needed a website, a logo, or a simple style guide? But what we realized along the way is that many of these pieces didn’t work to contribute to a strategy. 

Pieces often ended up being used for a standalone instance – which is sometimes fine, but only goes so far. We saw the potential to help organizations think strategically and started asking more big picture questions about their brand as a whole, where they want it to be and how they plan to get it there. This mindset lead us to create Campfire as a starting point for our new clients and an energizer for many of our existing relationships. 

We’ve found that working in this intersection of strategy and creativity has made a world of difference in our work as well as our client’s return on investment.   

Who should I bring?

Campfire is intended for key decision makers who inherently understand the vision of your business or organization. Too many attendees can make it challenging to make progress and may result in not being the best use of everyone’s time. However, for some small teams it can be appropriate to include everyone. Not sure what’s best for your team? Just ask, we’ll help you navigate who it’s best to extend your invitation too.

Why two days?

The Kansas City Campfire is a two-day workshop consisting of two 3-hour sessions. We intentionally break it into two morning sessions to give you time to rest and digest what we discuss.

A destination/retreat style version of Campfire is in the works. Stay tuned. 

Is two days enough?

It’s easy to get lost in the philosophical background of why we do what we do. Campfire isn’t a time to determine your vision. You already know your vision and just need direction and a push to take huge steps to achieve it. Through a series of intentional questions and conversation we’ve found that most Campfire participants are able to clearly communicate (in a matter of hours) where they want to be. We in turn provide a roadmap to get there. 

What do I need to bring?

Feel free to bring any marketing or communication examples. We’ll provide water (or coffee) to keep you hydrated and the materials to guide you.

What about my budget?

We want to help you be good stewards. Knowing your marketing/communications budget for the year allows us to create the best proposed brand strategies out of Campfire. It tells us what you can realistically accomplish over the next year and helps us identify where to focus your efforts.


Dive into your brand and sort out the meaning behind the hard work you pour into your organization.


Transform your vision into a sharable message that resonates with your audience.   


We’ll craft a practical plan that you’re excited to execute because you believe in it. 

Craft clear and succinct brand messaging
ldentify key brand touchpoints
Map out your customer journey
Develop strategic call to actions