We help daring brands find clarity and tell their story.


Your journey awaits.

Braving the wild is more than just being daring. It’s about stepping into the unknown, and discovering new possibilities. It’s about choosing to do something different with your brand, leaving the comfort of your tent to find out what’s over the next ridge. The wilderness is full of things to discover and we’ll be your guide. Join us for an adventure.

Wilderness guides for your brand.


When it comes to your brand there are lots of obstacles in the wild that can threaten to force you off course. Honeystreet has the necessary experience and skills to help navigate that wilderness. We partner with you to explore, discover and create new paths. Trust us, we’ve done this before.

We listen.

Know any ghost stories? Before we venture off, we hear from you, learning about your message and goals so that we can plot a precise destination.

We work with you.

We can’t do this alone. Each person on your team has a unique set of experiences and abilities that will help us succeed together. So, grab an oar, or we’ll just be paddling in circles.

We celebrate with you.

It has been said that “the joy is in the journey.” While that may be true we think successfully arriving where your were headed on time and on budget is pretty great too.

Our Skills

Not only do we point the way through the woods. We craft the pieces that tell your story.

Graphic Design

Creative Direction

Brand Consulting

Web, Mobile + UI Design

Logo Design


Environmental Design






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